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Top Places to Visit in Charleston South Carolina

  • Fort Sumter National Monument
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
  • Nathaniel Russell House and Museum
  • Fort Moultrie
  • Heyward - Washington House
  • Charles Pinckney National Historic site
  • Drayton Hall
  1. At Fort Sumter, the first shots were fired in the Civil War on April 12, 1861.
    Fort Sumter has become the symbol of the Civil War.
    The North fought for 4 years to get it back after the South captured it in only 34 hours.
    The fort has been completely restored.
  2. In 1679, Thomas Drayton arrived in Charleston and began building the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.
    This is a remarkable place to visit, which includes the house, the gardens and the old slave house.
    One can get an impressive train ride through the gardens, or one can enjoy a pleasant boat ride.
    Allow an hour for each one.
    It is well worth the visit.
  3. The Nathaniel Russell House and Museum built in 1808, nowfully restored to all its original glory, the house and gardens take one back to a more simple way of life.
    Enjoy the grandeur of this stately home and garden.
  4. When the British attacked Fort Moultrie, June 28, 1776, Sullivan's Island was just being completed.
    The British were repelled but captured it, along with Charleston in 1780.
    The fort was finally abandoned, and the troops moved to Fort Sumter.
    Today the fort now fully restored is a showpiece of life in Colonial times.
  5. The Heyward - Washington House, a stately home built in 1772 by Daniel Heyward.
    The house was used by President George Washington for his weeklong visit to Charleston in 1791.
    One will love the period furniture and artifacts of this beautiful house and gardens.
  6. The Charles Pinckney National Historic site belonged to the "forgotten signer" of the Declaration of Independence.
    He was one of the principal signers of the Declaration, but little is said of him.
    Today one can see this magnificently restored house and gardens.
  7. Drayton Hall, probably the most beautiful and unique home, has survived the American Revolution, the Civil War, the earthquake of 1886 and several hurricanes.
    It stands today a striking reminder of life in Colonial times.
    One must not miss this magnificent house and gardens.
It is a shame to include only these places in such a magnificent town.
An entire book could not contain all of the spectacular places to see in Charleston.
One week would not do justice to this wonderful place.

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