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Test Schedules for the Uniform CPA Exam

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant may take a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance; not to mention a lot of time, hence; going down this road may not be for everyone.

However, there are numerous benefits to becoming a licensed CPA, not least of which is the excellent remuneration that goes with the prestigious title. A very important requisite to becoming a CPA is taking the Uniform CPA Exams and taking note of CPA Exam Dates that are available each year will give us a good headstart in preparing for the tests.


Every year, there are eight months reserved for CPA Exam Dates. January and February, April and May, July and August, October and November are the months paired-up each year and these make up the four window schedules for the CPA Exam Dates.

For each of the months in the windows, CPA Exam Dates are up to six days per week. So for instance, if we decide to use the first window which is from January to February, there will be six days for each week of these months wherein we can take the Uniform CPA Exams.

The months reserved for each window will give us enough time to complete all tests included in the CPA Exams. Once we have determined which testing window to use, we can then proceed to register for the tests at a regional testing center.


Determining the CPA Exam Dates that we want to avail of is only the first step in taking the CPA Exams. We will need to apply for the exams at the State Board of the specific state where we wish to take the exams and where we wish to practice as a CPA.

Assessment of our application and requirements will be made the State Board to check whether or not we are eligible to take the exams. In some states, completion of the education requirements are necessary prior to being eligible for the CPA Exams; while other states require completion of both education requirements and the necessary work experience before we are considered for the CPA Exams.

This is why it is very important for us to check CPA Exam requisites in the state where we will be taking the tests and/or practicing as a CPA. On the other hand, there are likewise states that allow candidates to take the CPA Exams provided that all requirements will be met within a given period of time.

As for completion of the four parts covered in the CPA Exams, each window in the CPA Exam Dates will allow CPA candidates to take all the four tests in one scheduled testing date or spread out the exams in different schedules provided that all four will be completed within the window that we have chosen.

So for example, if choose CPA Exam Dates during the first window which is January to February, we can take each of the four tests separately to give us more time to prepare for each part; provided that we complete and pass all tests within the two-month window.

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