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Online Business Ideas - How to Pre-Qualify Visitors

Your online business success requires that you get the right people to visit your website and become customers.
You can increase conversions on your website by first pre-qualifying your visitors.
Pre-qualification is simple.
Prospects need to possess a certain number of qualities and characteristics before customers.
Pre-qualification happens in many industries.
Consider a mortgage company.
A lender can pre-qualify a potential homeowner before he or she actually makes an application for a loan.
A pre-qualified homebuyer has the right underwriting qualifications more likely to get approval, such as income, credit, assets, and down payment.
Your pre-qualified prospects are the right people with the right state of mind for your products or services.
So how do you go about pre-qualifying your prospects? Here are a few tips.
Get Website Visitors from Qualified Sources One way to pre-qualify your visitors is by first getting traffic from the right sources.
Create a landing page with a specific link that you can post on other carefully chosen websites.
Whether you do paid or free advertising, your sources should also attract the type of target visitor you want.
For instance, if your niche is handmade knickknacks, you should obtain pre-qualified customers from other artistic websites that offer similar products.
If you want customers who are serious about making money from a home-based business, attract them to your website from other work-at-home sites.
One of the best sources to pre-qualify visitors is forums.
There are specialized forums for a variety of niches from the make money online niche to shaving forums.
Find one in your niche by going to the search engines and typing in your niche and then add forums (i.
skateboarding forums).
Sign in and interact with the members.
Once you learn what the hot topics are, you can position yourself as the expert to solve problems and offer your services or products.
Make sure that your profile and forum signature has a link back to your website.
Attract Qualified Prospects by Promoting YOU Your products or services are faceless.
Anyone can buy them, and anyone can sell them.
When you make your online business personal, then prospects will be interested in you as an expert.
You have a USP - a Unique Selling Proposition.
Your style, methods, and ethics are different from anyone else.
Promote your strengths.
Are you a motivational person? Do you have the ability to get people motivated to succeed? Highlight these features to attract qualified prospects.
Do you have a high success rate in your business? Promote that fact and get qualified candidates who want to be as successful as you.
Your USP separates you from the lesser alternatives.
Create the demand that prospects want by giving them the best part of you.
Pre-qualifying visitors is a skill like any other.
The more you focus your efforts on obtaining quality visitors, the more likely you are to succeed in your online marketing business.

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