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Wikileaks And Our Right To Know

Since the time when Wikileaks launched its website in 2006, many questions have arose concerning the concept of investigative journalism and its ethics as well as issues related to national securaty, diplomacy and foreign policy.
Over 400 000 classified military documents related to war in Iraq were published online.
Papers revealing real facts about deaths during the military campaign in the middle east increased number of casualties to 122.
000, say officials.
Hillary Clinton expressed her attitude and condemned disclosure of Iraq secret files.
According to her, this will put the lives of Americans and others at risk.
This publication will strongly effect US prestige in the middle east and further campaign.
WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange says it was necessary in order to show the truth of what was done in Iraq.
Americans were the first to use the term "Information Warfare" to describe the use and management of information technology that is gathered in order to gain an advantage over the enemy.
It may include spreading propaganda at national or international level, collecting tactical information, propagate disinformation or public demoralization.
All what is conducted by the Government but little known to public and to which access is restricted by law is called classified information.
Even if modern journalism has access to top secret files, should they be published in daily newspaper or evening news? Throughout world wide web people leave different comments expressing their own opinion concerning Julian Assange, Wikileaks, politicians and journalism itself.
Some of them find J.
Assange as a hero who has not been afraid to show how dirty diplomacy is and what motives are hidden under the democracy cloak.
Others say that Australian journalist is a threat that may shatter global stability.
"His activity is justifiable if he puts corrupt politicians under lens and his activity must be banned if it puts in danger people's lifes" - anonymous commentator says.
"Nobody thinks he is a villain, that is what they are trying to make you think" - claims blog user.
It is The Government who wants us to believe that Julian is an offender who breached the law, it is The Government who wants to gain favourable public opinion and support.
However, arising question relates to Julian's future: "Will undertaker of this revelation be prosecuted?".
It is very likely to happen.
He may be prosecuted under The Espionage Act of 1917, passed in the United States.
What is more, he is just a publisher; so will be persecuted those who stole secret files? Others say that Wikileaks is a threat that puts international relationships at risk.
Website reveals such information as Afghan War Diary, Iraq War Logs.
In November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing U.
State department diplomatic cables.
In 2010, 779 secret files relating to prisoners detained in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
Now all information has been widely publish by top news sites such as CNN, The New York Times, BBC, Fox News, MSNBC and others.
Actually everybody has free access to find out what is going on.
"I'm for sites like Wikileaks exposing hypocrisies and scandals of governments all over the world but they have to be responsible in determining what information is best to leave undisclosed in the national interest.
" The danger to national security and international stability by releasing classified information is obvious.
It becomes a threat to international diplomacy and interests, when everybody knows how many nuclear weapons are in Europe and who has them, how many NATO troops are in deployed in different regions, which Arab countries unofficially support war in the Middle East.
Every single state has its own secrets that should not be revealed in public.
Finally, some journalists say that Wikileaks did not reveal anything new.
As a matter of fact, everybody already knows that U.
and Britain are the biggest hypocrisies in the world.
Lie, fraud, military force are common tools to achieve desired effect by any superpower.
Actually it is quite ridiculous to watch how Yankees, Royals, Europeans, Arabs apologise each other.
The question of Wikileaks, its function and its future still remains open; as to whether Julian Assange acted as a journalist is disputable.
"Every news organization has only its credibility and reputation to rely on.
" - Tony Burman, ex-editor-in-chief of CBC News.

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