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How to Do Great Marketing For Your Business - Bloomingdale"s Brown Bag

"Here's the world famous brown bag" Snoopy would say.
As a matter of fact, Bloomingdale's is famous all over the world.
Even if you are not a shopaholic like Becky Bloomwood or have never been to new York City, perhaps you remember Rachel from "Friends" used to work there.
Its huge success makes it one of the most famous departments store in the entire world.
Such success is due to a lot of factors, one of which is only apparently unexpected.
We are just back from New York City.
My wife and I spent our long awaited honeymoon there.
For my wife, it was her first time; I hadn't been there in more than seven years.
Bloomingdale's, Lexington Avenue at 59th Street, is a place where you can find the most famous brands at sale and/or interesting prices, and a great environment.
All in one place.
The sales clerks' kindness perfectly fits our European expectations, also providing a very important aid for our lack of confidence in the different sizes, weight and length measures.
We bought a few things and waited in line to pay.
They placed our stuff in the famous brown bag, a brown cardboard shopping bag.
The great thing is that it reads brown bag and the size of the bag.
Each one of us can therefore get either the little brown bag or the medium brown bag.
This shopping bag is really an outstanding creation, a very brilliant idea, an extraordinary publicity gimmick.
It does not have the name of the store on it (actually it does, but it is on the sides and, being a cardboard bag, they often turn inwards, making it almost invisible), yet whoever sees it knows it's Bloomingdale's shopping bag.
It represents Bloomingdale's so well it became a selling item itself, now available on water-resistant plastic, canvas and Limoges.
It is also sold as a little brown cosmetic case.
The brand, the marketing tool and the item become one single thing.
A fantastic combination! The best we could ever aim for! As we can easily see, the brown bag has the edge on its competitors.
First of all, its immediate recognizability; if, at first, association needs a little more time, on the other hand the imprinting, once fixed, becomes indelible.
The client has much less psychological embarrassment carrying the bag to another shop or department store, thus being more willingly to shop at Bloomingdale's even when he/she also intends to shop elsewhere.
Last but not least, the brand receives further exposure.
The bag can be used in many a context, for instance when shopping for food, being seen by more people.
The little, or medium, brown bag is an extraordinary medium of advertising, so great to constitute a real logo, a brand.
So great it became a selling item.
Bloomingdale's offers and excellent example of how an essential, and somehow necessary, article as a shopping bag could wisely turn into a huge success.

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