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The Secret to Eliminating Neck and Shoulder Pain Is In the Bag If you have neck and shoulder pain due to a heavy purse you are not alone.
Thousands of people everyday carries a handbag that is over sized.
Some women are having neck and shoulder pain and they do not even know that the cause of this stress on their shoulders is because of a heavy handbag.
There is a backpack purse made specifically to address this problem.
Its ergonomic design is made in a way that relieves the weight on your neck and shoulders by as much as 30%.
This is not the only benefit to the backpack purse.
It has other wonderful design features.
I would even say that once you have carried this backpack purse you will never want to go back to the traditional handbag.
No need to organize your purse When I first received my backpack purse in the mail I couldn't believe it.
I am an organizing fanatic and this was one of those purses with lots of pockets and zippers and secret compartments.
I fell in love with it right away.
Everything had a place.
This made me happy.
Since as far back as I can remember I have tried to find the perfect organizer purse.
One that is so organized that all I have to do is reach down into the deep abyss and pull out exactly what I want.
I finally found it! Two weeks went by with my new backpack purse and sure enough the pain in my neck and shoulders stopped.
To this day I carry nothing but purses made in a healthy fashion.
I admit...
being someone that loves all different kinds of handbags I have tried to buy other purses only to be quickly reminded that the neck and shoulder pain will return after only a couple of weeks.
Some of the things that I love about this backpack purse: o    I can throw it in the washing machine and it looks like new again.
o    It is extremely convenient to carry.
It hangs over your shoulder and back in a distributed manner that makes it comfortable no matter how heavy it is.
It puts absolutely no strain on your neck and shoulders.
o    When I am out in public I feel confident that no one will be able to put their hand into my bag.
Everything in my purse is safely zipped up.
o    When I am out at a restaurant or a movie it hangs comfortably over my knee so that I don't forget it when it is  time to go.
o    It like the way it feels and hangs down my back.
I especially like the way it looks.
o    It has one of those handy little latches on the inside to hang my keys on.
o    It has a place to put my pens.
o    It has a pocket for my phone.
o    No make-up bag required.
They have this covered too! o    It even has an outer pocket that fits a bottle of water perfectly.
o    And pockets are endless!

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