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How to Compare Digital TV Antennas


    • In support of consumers, the FCC and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) created a color-code system based on location for comparing reception capabilities of antennas. By visiting its website, you will find information narrowing your search to only antennas suitable for your exact location.


    • According to the FCC, some antennas marketed as DTV, HDTV and Digital TV antennas have a limited range of frequencies they can receive. Some antennas cannot receive VHF (channels 2 to 13) or only channel 7 and above. When comparing digital TV antennas, ensure they can receive all stations in your area.


    • Some digital TV antennas include special features such as "add scan" (combine the results from multiple channel scans) or can work with rooftop antenna rotators and/or smart antennas, which automatically lock-in on the best signals. Make sure you are getting the features you need or are not paying for features you cannot use.

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