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Photo DVD Slideshow Tips

Do a search on photo DVD Slideshow and you will be bombarded with articles on programs and software that will make the whole photo DVD slideshow process seem easy.
Just add your slides and the software will build your slide show all by itself! Technical analysis of hardware and software abound, but once you have have your hardware and software, or you have made the decision to go with a professional service, there are a certain photo DVD slideshow tips that will greatly influence the quality of your DVD slideshow.
Whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it for you, you need to lay the ground work that will personalize your photo slideshow.
The preparation that you put into your photo DVD slideshow before you even digitize one photo or slide will pay off handsomely in the finished product.
Let's take a look at a few photo DVD slideshow tips that you should employ before you start preserving your memories.
First, you should organize your photos or slides by groups.
This is very import and it should be considered as the skeleton of your photo DVD slide-show.
You can group them by date, location, families, trips or whatever else is significant to the story that you are trying to tell.
By specifically grouping the shots you can then look at the total and decide in which order you want each group to run in the photo DVD slideshow.
After you have grouped your shots, number each shot in the order that you want it to appear within the group during your slideshow.
Once again the images can be numbered based on time, dates, or any progression that you prefer.
The order that the slides appear in is a personal choice that gives you more control over how you tell the story.
By numbering the slides, you can easily tell whoever is doing your slide show, which slides you want to blow up, colorize, or indicate where you want to add titles.
Personalize your DVD photo slideshow by adding your own favorite music.
Music adds so much to a slide show that you should definitely be involved in choosing what music you want behind the groups in your slide show.
You can add the music by importing from a CD, or if you choose to have a professional do your slide show, just send the CD's of your choice along with notes on which pieces of music that you want under each group.
Take the time to title your photo DVD slideshow.
Titles can enhance your slideshow by setting the scene and providing the dates or the names of people that some of your audience may not be aware of.
All of these photo DVD slideshow tips serve to personalize your slideshow, while improving the quality and the intimacy of your slide show.

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