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The First Working Day After The Chinese New Year Festival

Today is the first workday after a happy Chinese New Year with 8 days break at home.Hi, are you excellent too? I think all of you folks must have used an awesome celebration with your family members. Most of children came again to check out hometowns, kept at house together with mother and father, siblings, bros and all youth associates or other shut family members. The benefits are always falling away from us, shorter and fast indeed.

As the announcement before the Spring Festival, we will go to the lawn of our organization to introducing with each other, to bless year jointly. There are about 400 individual in complete, but only a 50 % in the secret headquarters. Actually, usually we were informed this concept too at the first day, but less women accumulated in the garden, most is men, some too, still sit in my selfs workplace now, only remain in my workplace to wait for the next handmade trend entrance to entrance. One purpose is the coldness outside, but the purpose is no big attention in such a huge collecting, always can not pay my fascination to the audience actions. Do not know whether its my drawback or not.

After the short collective blessing, all clerks will visit other offices door to door, usually as a single unit with a group of band in different departments.Our hr office is supposed to be to the lesser work-team evaluating with other expert enterprise one certainly. As individuals know, the innovator of her office is the Number One too, so we should check out our greatest innovator first of all, then from higher to low surfaces one by one. Nearly it requires about 1 time to relax down in the workplace. Didn't remember to tell you, usually more firecrackers are setted off at 8:00 am on the rectangle before side of our developing, now I can notice the noisy appears to be of firecrackers increasing outside.

Dont know what a type in other organizations. Sometimes I think whether its really so actually to introducing with each other between fellow workers at the first day, and whether we should select such a good instant to set off so many firecrackers like other little expert stores enterprise starting. Do corporations need to carry its conventional type to enjoy such a new start?

This is the first working day after Chinese lunuar festival. Actually, I was on duty in the day before yesterday because I was an oculist and there wasn't any rest in hospital in a year.The people these days are less than regular, so I have more pleasurable to adapt my situation. The 7-day extensive celebration is satisfied for us but really a problem. We had to run about many family members to congratulate new season and pay much on presents for folks and New Year's cash for children. The week-long holiday creates us more fatigued than regular time. The eating and relax law disrupted triggered higher chance of more illnesses. We need an interval to adapt to regular situation.

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