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How to Hide Underground Sprinkler Controls

    • 1). Remove the dirt around the sprinkler manifold using a shovel or hand trowel. Clear an area at least 12 inches around all sides and below the manifold.

    • 2). Fill the area directly below the manifold with at least 3 inches of rocks or similar substrate. This will keep the bottom from growing weeds or turning to mud during the rain or in case of a leak or spill.

    • 3). Remove the lid from the valve box.

    • 4). Place the valve box over the top of the manifold.

    • 5). Press the valve box firmly into the ground. The top should be about even with the soil surface.

    • 6). Replace the dirt around the sides of the valve box, but do not fill the inside with dirt.

    • 7). Pack down the dirt and replace the lid on the valve box.

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