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Don"t Ignore Warnings From Your doctor

On May 29th of 2008 I checked into the hospital to undergo a right radical nephrectomy, to remove a multi-cystic clear cell renal carcinoma which had lay hidden and growing in my right kidney. Days before surgery, I had to go in for pre-register and do a few pre-surgery tests. As I sat in front of an over educated nurse explaining the steps that I would be following I was as usual, not paying much attention to what she was saying, but more the expression on my wife's face. Once again I caused undue distress to my darling wife.
But lets not jump ahead, lets go back a year when my doctor told me that that they had found microscopic blood in the urinary sample that I had given. He asked ask me to please follow it up with an urologist. Did I? No! I hate going to see doctors and one thing was for sure, I was not interested in meeting another. I ignored his warning telling myself that of course there was blood in my urine I had suffered with kidney stones for years so as far as I was concerned there was no problem.
The following year when I returned for my yearly checkup, my doctor who I have the greatest respect for, made an issue of the test I had a year prior. He demanded that I would go to see an urologist even though there was no blood in my urine at this time. Being more stubborn that I he talked me into promising him that I would go to the urologist that he recommended.
Stuck with the promise I had made, my appointment with the urologist became a reality. The news I received was not good. The urologist found a large growth in my right kidney and surgical removal of the kidney was the only option.
If I had waited longer to follow the recommendations of my doctor the growth within my kidney could have burst and metastasized throughout my body. So questions come to mind.

* Is it important to find a doctor that you trust totally for taking care of
your well being?
* Do we listen to our doctor without question?
* Do we need to follow our doctor's advice out of fear or just common sense?
* How does one overcome the fear of finding more cancer?
* Is it possible to find enough support to get through the ordeal?

I would like to hear your comments on my experience. My next article will discuss the experimental drugs I am using in a clinical study.

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