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Regal Boats

Regal boats are a family business which has been running for nearly 40 years now.
It began in Ohio when Paul and Carol Kuck, decided to start their own boat building company.
The first Regal Boats to be built were a 17ft tri-hull, skit boat, and 21ft cuddy.
These where built at a small run down production facility in Orlando.
As these boats begin to slowly sell, in 1971 the company begins to grow and expands to a new location in Orlando in Florida.
In 1976 Regal makes its first shipment overseas to Austria, this is where the global expansion begins.
From this they receive an order of 39 boats from a German importer.
Today 35% of the annual sales are international to over 45 countries.
In 1988, from their growth they broke ground on a second manufacturing plant, but this proved to be a mistake.
A hard boating recession made them plummet into debt and they ended up having to sell the new manufacturing plant in Smithville to relive their debt.
After this in 1989 Regal commits itself to being a debt free company, and starts to concentrate on building boats which are of a higher quality.
In 1995 Regal's award winning standard setting FasTrac hull is launched, this then goes on to win the international marine Trade and Exhibitor's Conference Innovation Award.
In 1999 Regal became ISO certified, to produce even better quality products.
Regal rockets success and in 2006 it won its first award from J.
Power and Associates for 'Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Small Runabouts (16-19feet)'.
In 2007 Regal boats wins this title again along with the Express Cruisers (24-33 Feet) Now Regal have expanded their manufacturing facilities by 135,000 sq.
ft to accommodate the production of the new 2 foot flagship 'Queen of the Regal Fleet'.

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