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Outsourced Call Center Service – Good or Bad Idea?

Of course it is a great idea to outsource your BPO service! Before we go to the reasons why some people think that outsourced call centers are a bad idea, let's first take a look at the benefits of outsourcing your call center service:

· You do not have to shell out money every couple of months in order to invest in the latest telecommunication systems. In case you do not know this, these equipments do not come cheap and I am sure you have other plans that need financing. The outsourced BPO service worries about getting state of the art facilities and providing top quality service - your job is to expect results.

· Worrying about employees shirking their responsibilities will be history and you will also not worry about firing an employee for incompetence yourself (most business owners absolutely HATE doing this). Outsourcing companies only hire people who are ready and willing to work and if they have to fire an employee, you will not be the one to give him or her the axe (Yay!)

· Why should you pay for an extra office space for your call center services when you do not have to worry about this and still get top quality service?

· Do you honestly want worry about paying someone who has the habit of calling in sick just because he/she felt like sleeping in after having one too many drinks?! With outsourcing company services, you will never have to worry about paying employment insurance, staff compensation, and retirement benefits. Outsourced cal center employees are generally dedicated to doing their jobs.

Some people think that outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing services is a bad idea because:

Accents! Accents!! Did I mention Accents?!

Oh please! Many of us have had the experience of speaking to a person over the phone in a call center in the Philippines or India and most times, we are not able to tell the difference! I'm sure you must have viewed the trailer of the upcoming NBC TV show "Outsourced" where one of the employees at a top Indian based call center service mimicked an American accent PERFECTLY! He even said the word "corndog" the way an American would say it.

Geez, there are so many talented outsourced call center employees that will do a great job answering question from customers, taking orders and so on. So stop hating! Wake up and smell outsourced call center services.

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