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DIY Sports Themes for Boys Rooms

    Pick a Theme

    • Decide upon a theme, like "out to the ball park" or "the championship room." This will help you and your child decide upon the decorations. For example, if he is set on a baseball-themed room, find a curtains and a comforter that is a baseball and bat pattern. Paint a mural on one wall depicting rows of stadium seats and a baseball diamond, complete with a batter standing at the plate.

      If he likes all types of sports, use a baseball bedspread, basketball curtains or lampshade and hang various pictures or posters of his favorite athletes. Paint each wall as a different sport, a football field on one, a basketball goal on another and a hockey rink on the third. Leave the fourth blank for a trophy shelf.

    Use Personal Items

    • If your child participates in sports, use his old jerseys, trophies and any other award to decorate. Start a trophy shelf or wall and hang a banner that says, for example, "Jake's Awards." Use his old football or hockey jerseys and team pictures as a large collage for to decorate a wall. By doing this, you save on money spent purchasing decorations and also allow him to show off and display his proudest moments to friends and family.


    • Once the walls, windows and bed has been decorated, take your child shopping for sports-themed accessories. Purchase a bean bag decorated as a baseball or a rug shaped like a hockey puck. Find an over-the-door basketball hoop or a football helmet basket for dirty laundry. If you manage to find pencils or pens decorated with baseballs or footballs, those are perfect to add to his desk so he can even have sports on the brain while doing his homework.

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