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How to Stimulate the G-Spot to Make Your Woman Have the Best Orgasm Ever

Knowing how to locate the g-spot and how to stimulate it will help you to give your woman the time of her life.
A G-spot orgasm can make a woman go wild and send shivers all over her body.
Below you will find some of the best ways to stimulate it so that your woman will be going crazy over you at all times.
Before you can stimulate the G-spot, you must first know how to locate it.
It is located about 1-2 inches on the upper walls inside the vagina just underneath the clitoris.
It is a little flab of tissue and will have a similar texture to the upper palate in your mouth.
Firstly, you should do some form of foreplay to get your woman aroused so that her vagina will get lubricated and hot for you.
Once she is aroused you can use you fingers to make her orgasm.
Simple insert your fingers inside her and locate the G-spot.
Use a "come here" motion to massage it gently but sturdily.
While doing the "come here" motion, also start to do a "in and out" motion as well.
You can also make circular motions and pay attention to what she likes the most.
This is a sure fire way to make her climax and have her going crazy over you.
Your woman is hot and already going crazy so you may want to increase the intensity.
By using your penis you can get her to orgasm multiple times.
The "dogie style" position is a good way for the penis to reach the G-spot and bring her to a climax.

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