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Foods That Make Headaches Go Away

    Regular Meal

    • A headache can be caused by hunger and relieved by eating a meal. Stick to a regular eating schedule to help avoid getting the headache in the first place.


    • Eating crackers or a muffin can relieve the nausea from a severe headache and the pain itself.


    • Feverfew is an herb that has blossoms that are similar to daisies. It's said that you can munch on the leaves to get rid of the pain.

    Acerola Cherries

    • Michigan State University did a study that led researchers to believe that the anthocyanins found in acerola cherries, which has been used in folk medicine, act like a pain reliever.


    • Peppermint is a known pain reliever. Suck on peppermint candies until your headache subsides.


    • Dehydration is a headache culprit. If water isn't available, drink some broth or eat a very light soup, like miso, to get fluid in your system.

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