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Looking at Medscape Dermatology

´╗┐Looking at Medscape Dermatology
Welcome to the first in a monthly series of "From the Editor" columns from Medscape Dermatology. This column will introduce new site features, highlight just-posted content, and frame issues of importance to the dermatologic community.

Medscape Dermatology is one of the youngest Medscape specialty sites -- we celebrate our 2-year anniversary in October -- and while we've accomplished a lot since our launch, we're still evolving. My goal is that the Dermatology specialty site will grow to be a truly interactive online dermatology community that takes advantage of the visual power of both the field of dermatology and the Internet. Dermatology, of course, is among the most visual of the specialties, and the Internet is an inherently visual medium. Harnessing the visual potential of both can produce a kinetic and unique forum for dermatologic information.

The Internet is also a medium of immediacy, and I want to take advantage of that quality, too. This means not only timely information but a connection with our readers that is expressed through interactive case studies, online instant CME, and an eagerness to hear your suggestions, complaints, and ideas.

This month you'll notice a small change on the Dermatology home page that I hope will make it more useful -- the "Featured on Dermatology" section. Think of this section as the front page of the Dermatology home page. This section features the most compelling, timely dermatology content on the site. To keep this section current, it is updated several times a week - more often if events warrant. Check out this section for late-breaking developments in dermatology or thematic coverage of important issues. It is also the place to go to for Medscape Dermatology regular features such as "Expert Columns," "Dermatology Clinics," "Journal Scans," and "Conference Coverage." When you click on the "more" button, you will see a fuller selection of "Featured On" material.

"Medpulse" is another way to keep up-to-date. This weekly feature, which is emailed to subscribers, highlights and links to the content posted on the site during the past week. If you do not already subscribe to the Dermatology Medpulse, simply go here to update your profile and subscribe.

I look forward to continuing this conversation, and I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me directly at (If your concern is technical, however, please contact our customer support staff at

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