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Great Christmas Vacations


    • Europe can be magical at Christmastime.cdilumin-3 image by Paco Ayala from

      Europe can be magical at Christmas. Exploring famous cities like Paris, London, and Prague in the falling snow can be a great experience. For the most relaxing vacation, choose one destination per week of your trip to minimize the number of connecting flights and trains. Many European cities have excellent Christmas markets that offer handmade gifts and local food. Prague and large cities in Germany are well-known for their markets; sipping mulled wine and browsing local gift stands will make for unique holiday memories.

    Skiing or Snowboarding

    • Consider heading to a ski resort for a week or image by J??rgen Zellmann from

      If you are looking to experience a traditional vacation that could be straight out of a movie, consider heading to a ski resort for a week or two. There, you can have a picture-perfect Christmas sitting in front of a fire in ski sweaters, spending the days on the slopes and enjoying candlelit dinners at night. This type of vacation is perfect if you want a holiday with snow and sports, while still leaving open the option to indulge in a little pampering. For a special vacation, book a comfortable suite with a fireplace and a hot tub in which you may soak to relax your muscles after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.


    • For a warm, relaxing trip, consider heading to a tropical location for Christmas.beach resort image by Kenneth Sponsler from

      If you live in a cold climate, you just might be ready for some sun and sand when late December rolls around. For a warm, relaxing trip, consider heading to a tropical location for Christmas. Book a hotel or a vacation home on the water to allow yourself a maximum of time enjoying the sun, and consider choosing a place that offers water sports equipment. Look for a location that offers activities away from the beach to give your vacation some variety and to make dealing with the occasional sunburn more pleasant. An afternoon of shopping or a day trip to a nearby town can be a welcome relief from the sun.



    • To escape the monotony of day-to-day life, consider a trekking adventure.Trek image by FotoWorx from

      If your idea of a perfect Christmas vacation is getting into the mountains or wilderness to escape the monotony of a desk job, consider a trekking adventure. Choose a place in the southern hemisphere, where December means summer weather and warmer temperatures. Consider trekking through Patagonia in South America, along the coast in South Africa, or anywhere in New Zealand. To maximize your time in the wilderness, arrive prepared to start hiking and hit the ground running; plan one or two days at the end of the trip to rejuvenate and clean up after your time outdoors.

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