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How-To Use a Vinyl Banner for Your Retail Store

Retail store signage is all about making a big impact on potential customers.
For retail signs, you can't get any bigger than giant store banners.
Using a vinyl banner to get creative with your advertising approach is a brilliant way to grab attention and can be a cheap alternative to other forms of advertising.
Vinyl banners are made from a flexible vinyl material similar to thick cotton that is weatherproof and resistant to fading.
They can commonly be found strung across a business entrance or on a banner stand at the front door.
Banners can be hung a variety of ways but most-commonly feature metal grommets, or rings, in each corner.
Some banners are specifically designed for outdoor use-they are made with a thicker material and more-durable grommets.
A retail storefront is an ideal location for banners and a great way to announce special promotions, sales, and events.
Advertising banners are inexpensive and can easily be customized for each event.
The bold design is impactful and universally-recognized by customers as a promotional sign, making it a great way to attract attention.
Some of the most-common advertising announcements include grand openings, store closings, holiday announcements, and sales.
Design your retail banner so that it makes a statement.
Use bold, vibrant colors that grab attention and easily separate the banner from the plain background of your building.
Contrasting colors are important to create a readable message, so choose colors that are opposite of each other for the best impact.
Try not to go overboard with color, however.
Too much color can be even worse than too little, so try to keep your design limited to 2-3 colors.
Make sure the message you add is bold and easy-to-read, with simple fonts and a short message.
Too much text can clutter a sign and overpower you message.
Your message should be as large as possible so it is visible from across the parking lot.
Size your letters to be at least 4 - 5 inches to ensure your message is not lost.
Larger font sizes can also help to limit the details of your message.
If you find your sign text is smaller than 4 inches, you should consider revising your text.
The goal is to quickly impact the reader, not overwhelm with too much detail.
A professionally-designed custom banner grabs customers from a distance and pulls them into your retail store.
Taking the time to create a professional and effective banner lets customers know that you are a trusted and professional business with great customer promotions.

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