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Who Else Wants to Covertly Hypnotize People With This Easy Covert Hypnosis Technique

How would you like the amazing ability to covertly hypnotize people? With this ability you could earn more money improve your love life and create a far better and happier life for yourself.
  Today I am going to teach you a very easy covert hypnosis technique that you can begin to put into practice immediately.
This technique is known as verbal-breathing synchronization and can work magic in your life.
It is an amazingly potent method for developing deep rapport with strangers in literally seconds.
  This covert hypnosis technique is very easy basically all you do is talk only when your subject inhales or exhales.
The best way to determine if they are exhaling or inhaling is to watch their chest or stomach.
If their chest rises, they are inhaling; if it lowers they are exhaling the same for the stomach.
There are many subtle differences in the way people breath and some may do the opposite to the above while others may do something else entirely like raising or lowering their shoulders on the exhalation and inhalation.
  As you begin studying the way people breathe you will develop the skill to notice all the slight variations in the movements they make.
It will take a while to learn the skill of noticing your subject's inhalations and exhalations but let me assure you it will soon become effortless.
  It does not matter if you choose to speak when your subject inhales or exhales.
All that matters is that you only speak when they inhale or exhale and that you stay consistent.
This covert hypnosis technique is incredibly powerful.
It induces a deep rapport between you and your subject and works because you become in tune with your subjects natural rhythms.
This makes them think that you are exactly like them and is the reason why this technique is so powerful.
Just imagine what it would be like if you could learn more methods like this.
Well you can by following the links below.

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