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Nashville Star 5 - Week 6

We start this episode of Nashville Star with the finalists in wrestling gear, and they parody wrestling stars as they battle for the Nashville Star Crown.

The music act of the show is Cowboy Troy, with some help from John Rich, singing "Buffalo Stampede."

The finalists will have to wait til the end of the show to find out who is going home tonight. They will all perform tonight. Jewel ask Blake what he thinks about the competition after such strong performances last week.

Blake says that he thinks that everyone thought that Angela was running away with the competition, but that Zac and Joshua both had some incredible songs, and it is anybody's race to win.

The first to perform is Whitney Duncan.

In her pre-taped video, Whitney talks about the Nashville Star message boards, and how the fans do a lot of "Whitney bashing." She talks about dealing with a lot of medical problems,like having heart surgery, and then being in a car accident where she shouldn't have walked away from it, and the person that hit her, ended up dying in the accident. She says everything she's been through has helped strengthen her.

Whitney sings "When a Man Loves a Woman."

Anastasia: Whitney, I think that is your strongest vocal performance of the season, but may be a little too late.
Blake: You have a unique ability to make people argue about you, whether you should be here or not. You've got to find a way to work on your pitch.
Randy: I think you have a lot of grace and dignity. I think this is the song that can take you to the next level.

My thoughts: I think Whitney gave a pretty good performance. I didn't think she was as pitchy as she has been during other performances.

Next to perform is Zac Hacker.

In his pre-taped video, Zac says he's a competitive person. When the competition first started, he was trying to figure out the other contestants, but now he's going to focus more on his digging deep into himself into the song. He wants to definitely beat Angela.

Zac sings "Stranger in My House."

Blake: I think you kicked the door open last week, but I was hoping you would ramp it up some.
Randy: Every week I see the song you pick, and I always wonder if it's right for you. Then, every week you prove me wrong.
Anastasia: You won me over last week. I think your strong part is your soul, and your passion, and your story. Last week, you showed some emotional depth, and this week, you swam in shallow waters.

They talk to Zac's parents, who are very proud of him. Cowboy Troy asks his dad, "If it comes down to Zac and Angela, who do you vote for?" and his dad says "Both."

My thoughts: I thought Zac did a good, not great job. He definitely puts a lot of his soul into his performances.

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