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How to String an Ambassadeur Abu Garcia Black Max

    • 1). Press the thumb lever on the rear of the reel to unlock the spool, then strip off any line on the Black Max, clipping the knot at the end with a pocketknife.

    • 2). Wipe the spool with a rag to remove any grime or dirt. Do not oil the bare spool, as this could cause line slippage.

    • 3). Insert the end of the new fishing line through the rod tip toward the the guides, threading the line through each guide down to the Black Max.

    • 4). Push the end of the line through the tube-like line winder on the front of the reel, then grab the line as it emerges near the spool. Wrap the line several times around the spool and secure it with a double overhand knot. Cut the extra line close to the knot.

    • 5). Push a pencil or 1/4-inch wooden dowel through the hole in the spool of new line. Get a helper to hold this axle while adding line to the Black Max and prevent the spool of new line from rolling away.

    • 6). Crank the Black Max reel handle clockwise at a steady pace, about one full revolution per second, to add line to the reel. Cut the new line near the rod tip when the spooled line reaches the fill mark on the inside of the reel body.

    • 7). Tie on a snap swivel to the end of the new line, then clip the snap to the rod tip or a line guide to hold the line securely.

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