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Write Like You Talk If You Want Effective Copy

Why is there a tendency to write differently than we speak? It's almost as if our words - now that they're visible - have to put on courthouse manners and Sunday clothes to be acceptable.
Remember, if you want to get your message across to people, write like you talk.
Don't put on airs or you will come across as less than sincere.
Write your message to read the way a conversation in every day life would sound.
Meet people on the common level.
Use short sentences and keep it plain and direct.
Use contractions instead of the more proper two word phrases just as you would when talking to your friends .
Don't shy away from common household phrases.
Do, however, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.
Be personal.
Although you are writing a message that will be read by masses of people, speak to one at a time.
Each person who reads your message is an individual, and will be far more at ease and much more attentive if you address him or her as an individual person rather than a part of the collective public.
Use personal pronouns often in your copy...
words like "you" and "your"as often as possible.
Remember to talk to them about "them" and about "their" needs.
Keep "I" and "me" out of the picture.
You want them to know how your product will benefit them, and why they should part with their hard-earned money to hear what you have to say.
Write clearly, honestly , and sincerely.
Back up your words with value and people will trust you.
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