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About the Country:

Here you'll find facts about geography, history, maps, government, economy, wildlife, population, top attractions and places to visit.

About the People:

Here you'll find more pictures, festivals and holidays, what people eat and drink and some recipes to cook at home, literature, languages they speak and how you can learn them, music, and dances.

Country Facts
  • The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires

  • The unit of currency is the Argentine peso. Use this Currency converter to convert any currency.
  • National flower - Ceibo ("Erythrina crista-galli")
  • National anthem midi
  • Argentina became an independent country on July 9, 1816, thanks to the efforts of José de San Martín and men like him
  • Fact Page - government, population, agriculture, economy, transportation, military, communications and transnational issues.
  • The highest mountain in South America is Cerro Aconcagua on the border with Chile
  • Argentina has many glaciers and one, Perito Moreno, is still growing
  • Geography - maps, location and dinosaurs. Argentina is divided into regions:
  • Maps of Argentina
  • Printable blank map
  • History - political information, historical references, maps, photos, gauchos, Eva Peron, José de San Martín
  • Top Attractions - places people like to visit include Iguazu Falls, glaciers, Patagonia, the Andes and national parks
    Cultural Information
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