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The Increase Interest Of Project Management

The Project Management Institute in the US is gradually increasing from 25,000 - 250,000 members for the past 10 years. This just signifies that over the years, people are getting interested in project management.

Many companies of different fields are using PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the standard manual for Project Management Professional certification. Because of its increased populace, it expanded world-wide, creating a global PMI membership in which, comparing the US-based membership, grows more rapid in number.

There had also been other factors that lead to the growth of PMI.

One is the fact that many of us are handling projects, whether we're certified project manager or not. And, most companies are looking for employees who had exceptional project management skills. Projects have been accomplished with the use of project management; even traditional industries and, nowadays, IT are making use of its benefits.

Our business industries in this present generation are very competitive; so as our customers. They anticipate that we would meet their requirements. They sometimes give large and complex projects, in which project management is able to manage.

With the fact that global competition has appeared, many are getting the need of project management. Project risks occur as different people and cultures from different organizations all over the world are joining forces in establishing a project - means that there is a need of more potential project managers.

Knowing that Project Risks costs much, more OEM (original equipment manufacturer) world-wide are putting their mind with time and material contracts to fixed-price ones.This requires more effective project management.

Organizations want to complete a project according to processes in line with a good standard. Project management is used throughout the whole organization as one of the standardized and ensures best practice. This example influences something good on others to follow.

Because of project management, more organizations are growing very quickly. They hire more employees to do more and complex projects, scattering them to different places and manage multiple projects. Even those who aren't effectively growing, they are still growing productively with the materials available. This makes project management in more need.

And last but not the least, comparing to the past 10 years, there have been more projects today than before. It is because technology is rapidly changing and evolving. More high-tech projects are made and needs to be done, more products and manufacturing design projects and more greater and complex projects are made. Upgrading and preserving every resource within the organization is an addition necessary work to do. Also, brining products faster is essential for less cost.

With this fast-growing society, it is possible that it might change and evolve faster through time. Because of this fact, rest assured that more individuals will be interested in project management, considering that more organizations are hiring employees who had knowledge with project management.

If you are not yet a member of the PMI, why don't you think about of being one? Project Management has greatly helped our society today. And if you have those certain skills, job will be waiting for you.

Copyright (c) 2010 John Reiling

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