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US Military Camps in Iraq

    Camp Victory

    • Campy Victory, which also goes by the Iraqi name of Camp al-Nasr, is located in the city where the infamous Abu Ghraib prison scandal took place. Camp Victory acts as the headquarters of the U.S. Army, housing well over 10,000 soldiers. Campy Victory is also know for "Tent City," which hosts 12,000 soldiers from several nations, including the United States.

    Camp Cropper

    • Camp Cropper has been Baghdad's central booking station, as well as a holding compound for detainees, for much of the Iraq War. It's considered a "High Value Detention" site, and was the subject of a small riot in June 2003 that left 5 detainees wounded from defensive shooting.

    Camp Griffin

    • Camp Griffin is on the northern side of Baghdad International Airport. The camp has been primarily used for loading equipment onto convoys that then travel into Kuwait. Once the equipment is delivered, it is used to prepare waiting troops in Kuwait for their own march into Iraq.

    Camp Patriot

    • Camp Patriot is located in the Green Zone of Baghdad, an area of relative peace and safety. This camp is something of a luxury spot for troops. It has air-conditioned shower trailers, swimming pools, a dining hall that serves hot meals and an air-conditioned movie theater always in operation. Camp Patriot is also stocked with medical supplies and comforts from home that include soft drinks and American snacks.

    Camp Performance

    • Camp Performance, located in the city of Mosul in the northern region, goes to great lengths to give the troops a feeling of home. Camp Performance is home to a café that offers American- and Iraqi-inspired meals. The camp also has a fully stocked library that started with 200 donated books and now houses a vast assortment of fiction and nonfiction, as well as an entertainment center filled with DVDs and videos.

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