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Dragon Vale - Catch And Breed Dragon On This Exciting Game For Android

If you love pokemon , digimon, or something with a creature, perhaps currently you hatched a dragon in Facebook on the browser. Well if you're looking for the same game with dragon city at facebook then this game has to be your best choice now. Dragon Vale is a strategy and also RPG game where you can hatch your own dragon and breed and of course combat them along with your friends. The game has a lot of dragon consist of fire dragon, ice dragon, and more. Lets check out what the game has to offer below.


Dragon Vale is free online games for Android where you can play much like Dragon city you have to try to hatch and also breed the strongest dragon available after which ended up being the master of dragon raising. Shown with simple graphic having cute dragon almost everywhere, you must develop a strong ranch or what you may called it after you breed dragon by building the facility first. And then, you will get some egg to be hatch and start your journey as the dragon breeder. This dragon nevertheless doesnt come cheap, and you need to do several quests to get a new one.

When you hatch your first dragon, you must put him/her to their habitat. These kinds of habitats are range between mountain lava, frozen land, plus more. You may make your dragon tougher by fighting other player or finish the mission to get experience and cash. Using the money, you can purchase new building, tool, and also a new dragon egg to be hatch. Apart from making a good land over the sky for the dragon, you can even enhance it with numerous design items such as rainbow, flower, among other girly things for the dragon.

When you develop a perfect and lovely land, you need to fight some other dragon so that your dragon may grow into something much more powerful. There are many combat modes that you can try which include one on one combat, quest battle, and group battle. The one-on-one fight allow you to battle another player around the world to prove who's got the best dragon ever over the realm, as the quest combat let you do mission to obtain reward and experiences. The dragons are adorable, the graphic is good enough and there are a lot of fun things to accomplish on Dragon Vale. However some items must be acquired by actual money tru the in-game stores. In case you are interested, you'll be able to download this game on Google Play for free.

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