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Withdrawal Symptoms of Pouring Alcohol Away

So, your best friends have told you that they feel betrayed and replaced because of what you've been doing lately.
I mean really, how could you? Picking alcohol over the ones who talked you through all your hard times in life? Well, after all said and done, you now owe it to your friends to say goodbye to the ones you've replaced them with.
What am I talking about? If you've been dependent on alcohol to wash your troubles away and you know better now, then pour it all away and start over.
No one ever said quitting an addiction is easy and the same goes for alcoholics.
While making the effort to quit, you would find that your body would respond in many ways that would tempt you to give up and drink the night away; this is when you would need an incredible amount of willpower to fight all urges.
Withdrawal symptoms would usually occur between 12-48 hours from your last drink depending on how addicted you are and on your personality as well.
They also vary from mild to severe symptoms usually more physical than mental.
Mild symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea, rapid heart rate, vomiting, pulsating headaches, clammy skin, abnormal movements, sweating (especially on the palms of the hands or on the face), sleeping difficulties, tremor of the hands, looking pale, involuntary movements of the eyelids and enlarged or dilated pupils.
In cases more serious, the individual would suffer from more severe symptoms like muscle tremors, extreme confusion, severe autonomic nervous system activity, black outs, convulsions, fever, seizures, delirium tremors, hallucinations and agitation.
The best thing to do when quitting alcohol would be to consult your doctor first and see if they could give you a tranquilizer for a short period of time of 3-5 days just so that you don't suffer too much.
Aside from that, take the week of work and free yourself from any other obligation so that you would have time to relax.
Indulge in activities you find relaxing and pamper yourself over this period of time too.
Remember, the same mind that draws you to alcohol, is the same mind that can stop you.

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