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Low Cost Home Business Ideas

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      Owning a business is a dream for many individuals. Working from home is also an appealing prospect to many who commute to work every day. A home-based business solves the daily grind dilemma for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Check with an accountant and lawyer to handle any legal and financial issues before opening your home business. Even if you don't have a large sum of money to get a business of the ground, owning a home-based business is a possibility.

    Repair Business

    • Assess your skills to determine if you have the knowledge to start a repair business. Common repair businesses include repair for vehicles, furniture, computers and home repairs. Many of the repair businesses can use your home as the base but may require traveling to other locations to actually do the repairs. If you already have the tools necessary to complete the repairs, you won't need to invest much money in the company. Check on requirements for licensing in your area to make sure your repair business is legal.


    • Those with bookkeeping or accounting experience are qualified to start a home business offering bookkeeping services. Many small businesses outsource their bookkeeping needs. Check with local small businesses when marketing your bookkeeping services. If your rates are competitive, they may decide to let you handle their bookkeeping instead of trying to do it internally.


    • For those who love cleaning, a home-based cleaning service is an option. While your business base will be at your home, you'll need to travel to perform the cleaning services. Both homeowners and businesses routinely hire cleaners to handle basic cleaning tasks. The focus of your business depends on personal preference. The investment required for this business is mainly the cleaning supplies which are relatively inexpensive.

    Writing & Editing

    • If you have a background in writing or editing, a freelance business is a way to make money at home. You can work virtually meaning your business is completely home-based. Many businesses hire freelance writers and editors to write content for websites, newsletters, emails and marketing campaigns. A website for your writing or editing service is key to reaching clients virtually. The cost of hosting the website and any marketing campaigns you do are your main expenses in starting this business. You'll need strong samples of your past work. You can also target local companies to determine if they have a need for writing or editing services.


    • Consultants often make a lot of money just to serve as an expert on a project. Consultants specialize in many different fields from technology to interior design. A professional with many industry contacts can often transition to a consultant working from home. Check your company's policy to determine if you signed a non-compete clause that would prevent you from using your company contacts for your own business. Because you are basically sharing your knowledge, you won't need any special equipment or a large investment to start the home business.


    • Teachers who want to work from home or supplement their teaching income can start a tutoring business. You can decide to either have the students come to your home or you can travel to them. If you specialize in helping the students with homework, you won't need to invest much. If you create your own tutoring materials, you can also get started with little money.

    Child Care

    • Child care is ideal for stay-at-home parents who want to make some extra money. If you're already a parent, you likely have plenty of toys and art supplies to keep the kids entertained. You might need a few extra portable cribs for nap time, but in general you won't need a large investment to get a home child care center off the ground. Check on state and local regulations on starting a home daycare. Some states require a license.

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