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How to Generate Continuous Revenue Streams

Imagine if you could create a way to capture a client's business and then be able to get repeat business from them on a continuous basis.
It need not be a membership program, it simply means finding a way to optimize each clients buying potential for your business.
Think of how much it costs to capture that client in the first place.
Wouldn't it be great if you could get continuous streams of revenue from your existing clients as the basis for your business, rather than constantly having to source large volumes of new business? Finding ways of Generating Continuous Revenue Streams You may be thinking how on earth can that apply to my business? The products or services that I sell are once off offers that clients aren't likely to buy again soon.
But think about it for a moment.
In gaining that client you have also gained their trust.
They know you and they like you and they are willing to pay your price for your product or service.
That in itself is very valuable.
In order to be able to keep them as a customer and earn continuous revenue from them you need to think of what they may need on an ongoing basis.
What can you offer them that falls within the scope of your products or services, and that they may purchase from you regularly.
It may be that you add something to what you are offering to be able to create continuity.
It could just be something small but it could make a big difference to your revenue over a year.
Tips for Sourcing Continuous Revenue Streams • It is important to realize the value that each and every client represents to your business.
When you build a relationship with customers you will be setting your business up to earn continuous streams of revenue from them.
• Take the time to get to know and understand your customers and their needs.
In this way you can source ideas of how you can offer then continuous products or services over a period of time.
• Make sure that what you offer your clients is something of value.
To the client it shows that you understand them and their needs and it will encourage them to purchase from you on a continuous basis.
• Think through the operations and delivery side of your offering carefully.
Make sure that you have systems in place to facilitate the efficient on time delivery of your products and services.
Clients are very astute about recognizing when a promise is made that is not fulfilled.
You need to be consistent in your delivery if you want to earn continuous revenue streams from a particular source.
Having continuous revenue streams coming in to your business can take the pressure off having to meet monthly targets.
Even if the revenue streams are fairly small, as long as they are consistent they can prove to be very valuable to your business.
Every time you add a new client it will not just be a once off sale, it will be a building block that you are using to grow your business.
Over time these continuous revenue streams can become the backbone of your business.

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