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How to Replace a Brake Fuse Light in a 1990 190E BMW

    • 1). Open the hood of your 1990 BMW 190E. Stand in front of the bumper.

    • 2). Look in the upper-right corner of the engine compartment, close to the windshield and the fuel pump. The fuse box will have a clear, plastic cover over it.

    • 3). Grab the cover and pull it away from the fuse box so you can access the fuses inside. Look on the underside of the fuse box cover to locate the correct fuse location. It should be labeled "brake lights" under the heading "lighting."

    • 4). Pull the brake light fuse out of the fuse box with needle-nose pliers.

    • 5). Take that fuse to an auto parts store and obtain a replacement fuse of the same amps. You will know which one to get by looking at the number printed on the fuse you removed.

    • 6). Open your hood back up and push the new fuse into the fuse box until it clicks into place. Put the fuse box cover back into position and close the hood.

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