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How to Find New Hunting Grounds

    • 1). Determine the type of hunting for which the land will be used. This can range from upland bird hunting for quail, to deer, boar or turkey hunting. The type of game will often determine the geographic area where land should be considered.

    • 2). Refer to websites geared toward hunting. Often, these sites will feature pages that allow users to post items for sale or trade or land to be leased for hunting. There may or may not be a fee associated with the use of these sites.

    • 3). Check newspapers and hunting publications for available hunting land. Attempt to purchase newspapers from the area where you are seeking land. Many hunting publications are geared toward specific regions and feature land for lease.

    • 4). Locate potential land and contact the appropriate individual or club for more information. Get as much information over the phone or by email as possible, including lease details and prices. If possible, arrange an in-person visit with someone who can provide a map and tour of the property.

    • 5). Take into consideration all aspects of the land prior to making a commitment. Factor in travel time to and from the property, as well as any stipulations on the land from owners, especially if you will be leasing the land.

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