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How to Connect a Panasonic VCR to a Panasonic Viera Hi-Definition Plasma TV

    • 1). Unplug the Panasonic VCR and Viera TV from the electricity.

    • 2). Connect the three plugs on one end of a composite cable to the white and red audio output jacks and the yellow video output jack on the back of the VCR. Match the colors on the plugs to the jacks.

    • 3). Hook up the other ends to the composite input jacks on the back panel of the Viera. This completes the connection for playback of videotapes on the TV.

    • 4). Connect a second set of cables from the Viera's composite output jacks to the input or record jacks on the back of the VCR. This cable sends the programming signal for recording on the VCR.

    • 5). Plug in the Panasonic components to the electricity and turn on each device, then press the "Input" button on the Viera remote control repeatedly until the VCR video signal appears on the screen. Each press of the "Input" button switches the TV to a different set of AV jacks.

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