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Wind Power Generators - The Brutal Facts You Must Know

Wind power generators have been around since the dawn of time.
This is nothing new, no new space age technology here.
Whilst in saying that, we have come up with new designs that achieve greater efficiency than that of the past.
But for the basic production of electricity using wind power is achieved by a simple coil off copper wire rotating inside a magnetic field.
Today it's known as electric motors.
The motors used for wind power production for home use need to be dc current as most systems need to use an inverter to change to 110v or 240v they also need to be able to only transfer the electricity one way.
Most motors allow current to travel in and out, both ways this is not good for a wind power system.
Selecting the correct motor for yourgenerator is critical if you want to generate electricity.
A good source of cheap motors can be found in old washing machines and car alternators with little knowledge these can be the source of great wind power generation.
The turbine is also important, as this will catch the wind and drive your generator.
A high quality turbine will catch the wind in the slightest of breezes and maximize your generator, thus your electricity output.
So reasonable research needs to be looked at before designing, web search or purchase plans to build a good design.
Some have tails which move as the wind changes direction.
Location of your wind turbine is very important; one should spend some time testing different spots around the home.
The higher you can get it generally it will work better.
Also one should avoid placing near large trees or structures blocking wind.
Well I hope this has helped you Don't hesitate in asking for help.
Sean Newman

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