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How to Make a Cat Ornament Out of Felt

    • 1). Draw a simple outline of a cat onto a piece of paper using a pencil. You can make the ornament any size you like, but a typical stuffed ornament size would be about four inches long. Locate a reference image of a cat for the basic shape and details you desire, either on the Internet or in books.

    • 2). Cut the outline shape from the paper using scissors to create a template.

    • 3). Fold a felt square in half and place the template onto the square. Trace around the template onto the felt using a pencil or a white fabric pencil for dark-colored felt.

    • 4). Cut the folded layer of felt around the outline you drew using fabric scissors.

    • 5). Stitch buttons onto the cat for eyes. Use flat buttons with two holes for the eyes. Position the buttons on the cat according the position in your reference. Thread a needle and knot the end. Pull the needle up through one hole and down through the other, repeating about three times. Repeat this to attach the other eye, using the same thread. Finally, pull the needle under one of the finished stitches on the back, pull the thread through the loop to knot, and cut.

    • 6). Stitch an inverted moon-shaped nose and a smiling mouth using a straight stitch. Stitch in an up and down motion, with close stitches, to create the shape of the mouth and nose. You can use any colors of thread you like, or use pink for the nose and red for the mouth.

    • 7). Stitch around the outside edge of the cat using a blanket stitch to attach the two layers of felt. Stop stitching to leave an opening that is about one-inch wide for stuffing. To blanket stitch, tie a knot on the end of your threaded needle and pull the needle through the two layers of fabric, about one-quarter inch from the edge. Pull the needle around the edge and back up from underneath about one-quarter inch away from the original stitch, and then pull the needle through the loop. Pull the thread tight along the edge. The blanket stitch will encase the edges of the fabric, and you will see a row of stitches along the outside edge.

    • 8). Push polyester stuffing through the one-inch opening to stuff the cat. Use a skewer or the tip of a pencil to push the stuffing into all corners of the shape.

    • 9). Finish the blanket stitch to close the edge of the cat.

    • 10

      Cut a piece of embroidery floss to create a loop for hanging the ornament. Cut any length you desire, depending on how large you want the hanger. Thread the floss through your needle and tie a knot. Pull the needle through the top center area of the ornament, pulling the thread to the center. Cut the needle from the thread and tie the ends of the threads together in a double knot to create a loop.

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