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What Are the Benefits of a Professional Fraternity?

    Professional Networking and Socializing

    • Finding a job often hinges on who you know rather than on what you know. According to an article in The Daily Pennsylvanian, networking is an almost crucial step toward finding a job in a tough economy or in a competitive job market. Professional fraternities provide many opportunities to meet other professionals in a specific field and to create a professional network. Further, professional fraternities are increasingly becoming less rigid or formal, according to This relaxed atmosphere allows members to socialize with each other and build personal as well as professional relationships.

    Resume Booster

    • Joining a professional fraternity allows you to get involved in your school community outside of simply going to class or attending a sporting event. According to, professional fraternities often organize and oversee fundraising and professional events. Your involvement with the organization looks good on a resume for future employers. Because professional fraternities focus more on job skills and career building and less on socializing, many employers may find your involvement an asset and consider you for positions over others with similar qualifications.

    Build Job Skills

    • Professional fraternities tend to focus on building job skills, according to Members may have the opportunity to receive constructive criticism in areas such as interviewing, resume and cover letter composition, and public speaking. According to, business and professional fraternities may also provide career advice.

    Joining a Professional Fraternity

    • Each fraternity has its own requirements for membership; applicants must review the relevant eligibility guidelines. Additionally, applicants should choose organizations that closely mesh with their professional goals or aspirations. For example, at Union University in Tennessee, nursing students can join Nu Lambda, a chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. In contrast, a nursing student may not want to pursue joining Sigma Alpha, a music fraternity, unless the nursing student also has an interest in music.

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