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Video: How Sequencing & Patterns Help With Math Skills

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Stefan. I'm a math professional, and today I'm going to be speaking on how sequencing and patterns helps with math skills. Now sequences come up often especially when doing data. Let's take the sequence, 1, 4, 9 and 16. You can see a pattern starting to occur and say we want to develop a relation or graph this for future references to see what's going to come up later on. If we want to graph this, we have 1 and this being the first position, second, third and fourth. We have 1 and 1 here, 2 and 4 here and 3 and 9. You know we don't know what the fifth position is but if we want to make the relation from this you notice that F of X equals X squared because I notice there's the square. So if we were going to make an assumption on what 5 would be based on this, 5 would be here, way up there. And this helps us with developing relations and developing functions and there's a great example on how sequencing helps in mathematics.

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