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Women and Hair Loss

When most men start seeing their hair begin to thin out, they accept it, and as time goes on they eventually become bald.
There are those men however, that cannot take losing all of their hair.
These are the guys that will go to extremes to replace their hair, even if it means wearing a toupee.
When a woman starts seeing her hair go away, it can be an extremely traumatic situation.
It wouldn't be natural to see a woman with no hair on her head.
Wigs are good, and can be really authentic looking, but there is no substitute for having her own hair.
Depending on the woman's financial situation, and how bad her hair loss is, there are a few options available to restore her hair.
For slightly thinning hair there are products that can be used that will actually make the hair that is there look more full, and by using a combination of that and a haircut from a pro, a woman can actually appear to have a lot more hair than what is really there.
There are haircuts available that create an "Optical Illusion" that more hair is there.
For heavier hair loss, some women may want to choose the invasive process of "Grafting".
This is the taking of hair from an area of the head, usually the back, and plugging it into a single follicle one hair at a time.
This is very expensive and time consuming, but it works every time.
There are a few non-invasive methods of hair restoration available, but most of these offer no guarantee.
They range from everything from scalp stimulation with a laser to massage techniques.
Lately there has been some real progress with natural hair regrowth by using a mixture of ingredients that can be bought at a drug store.
With claims of hair loss completely stopping in 3 days, and new hair beginning to sprout within 3 weeks, it's hard to not at least try it.
The exact recipe for this do-it-yourself method is available on the internet for a small fee.
The best thing about it is, that if you purchase the information that explains how to do it and it doesn't work for you, you'll get every dime of your money back.

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