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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Do you think you have a ruptured ovarian cyst? Would you like to know some of the symptoms of having a rupture? Remember every women could have a different experience then you. I will give a list of some of the possible symptoms, and also some of the symptoms of an ovarian cyst. Then will talk about going over with the doctor, the list of issue you are currently having with the possible rupture.
If you are lucky you could have a rupture of an ovarian cyst just come and go with no difficulty. There are some that do that, you could have had one just burst yesterday and not really know about, believe it or not.
Do you know first if you have an ovarian cyst? Most of time you could get it diagnosed, by having an ultrasound. It is very easily detectable from the ultrasound. Or you might not have seen a doctor yet and having some issues. Here are some of the common symptoms of when having a cyst in the ovaries. You could notice your Periods are Irregular- Pelvic Pain (Could be right before or after menstruation / during or after sexual intercourse/ after exercise/ or when having bowel movement)- Pressure or Bloating. Hopefully it will go away on its own, if not make sure to speak with your doctor.
So you are sure you have an ovarian cyst. So will go over the list in for a rupture, and again remember everyone could have different experiences. Now here is a list of when you may possible have a rupture ovarian cyst-

Mass amount of pain in lower pelvic region or pain could come and go,
Getting a High Fever,
Vomiting and possible vomit blood,
Nausea or feelings like you are going to vomit
Feeling very weak
Becoming dizzy or fainting

It could become very dangerous so make sure you make your physician away of what is occurring. Let them know when you when you think the cyst symptoms had started, know when your last period was, also tell pain scale. You would also want to let them know of the other details, like if you have a fever and becoming weak or faint. These details will help your doctor make an assessment. You could be having a fever because the rupture might become infectious. Make sure to make a quick list for your doctor.

When having a rupture cyst it could be scary or it just be gone like you never known it was there. Always make your doctor aware of what is going on.

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