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Identify the Signs That It"s Time To Dump The Landlord With Eric P. Gonchar

Is it time to dump your landlord? Well, it is important to keep a track of certain potential signs that suggest you to hunt for a new house. According to real estate expert and attorney Eric P. Gonchar, it is always better to evict the property before things get worse between the landlord and tenant. Listed below are potential signs that it is time to dump the landlord without giving second thoughts:

Degrading Quality of Security

If you notice degrading quality of security in the property, it is already time to give it up. Look for signs of deteriorating cupboards, cracked walls, electricity wiring, frequent water pipe blockage and many more to be able to decide on eviction. It is not wise to give up on security in any way. If your landlord is not paying attention to any of your such requests, it is time that you find yourself a better property.

No Focus on Issues

Constant breaches as per Eric P. Gonchar, are signs enough that you must leave the property as soon as possible. A landlord is obliged to address certain problems such as security issues, damage, broken locks, disturbance from the areas around, etc. In case, you are not given enough attention, simply bid adieu to the property and the landlord.

Maintenance and Custodial Issues

If there is a problem with maintenance and custody, you must speak to the landlord. Unhygienic surroundings, dirty stairways, broken equipment, no response to fixing things, etc. should be reason enough to dump the landlord.

Change of Ownership

Frequent change of ownership should be taken into consideration seriously. In case, this happens very frequently and several months of the year, then it is a sign that property faces serious trouble. According to Eric Gonchar, one must leave such a property as soon as possible.


If you contact the landlord, but don't get through or he doesn't care to inform you back, then this is a deliberate attempt on the part of landlord. Your landlord is giving the cold shoulder to your problems. Hence, you must think of a new location.
Notices in the name of Landlord

If you have been receiving legal notices at your home, in the name of your landlord, do not take it lightly. Eric Gonchar stresses this might lead you to more trouble. Either ask your landlord to solve the problem at the earliest or leave the property right away.
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