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How to Replace the Fog Lights on a Nissan Maxima

    • 1). Turn the fog lights and the engine off before beginning.

    • 2). Look underneath the fog light assembly to find the access panel. The panel must be removed to replace the fog lights.

    • 3). Remove the screw on the outside edge of the panel, and then remove the 10-mm bolt. Once these are removed, there will be a single clip left. Use the screwdriver to pry the clip off. Remove the access panel to access the rear of the fog light assembly.

    • 4). Use the socket wrench to remove the two 10-mm bolts mounting the assembly to the car. Unhook the wiring module from the assembly. Push the rear of the fog light assembly forward to access the bulb.

    • 5). Twist the clip on the rear of the assembly to unhook the fog light bulb, and then install the new bulb (H11).

    • 6). Repeat the procedure for both fog lights. Installation of the fog light assembly is the reverse of removal.

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