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How Do I Remove Ballpoint Pen From Leather?

    • 1). Clean the affected area of the leather with a soft white rag and leather cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the leather cleaner. Let the leather dry completely before proceeding.

    • 2). Dampen a soft white rag with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Gently rub over the ink spot until it is gone. Switch to clean portions of the rag often, and apply more alcohol as needed.

    • 3). Use non-acetone nail polish remover if the ballpoint ink stain persists. Dampen a soft, white rag with the nail polish remover and gently rub over the ink spot until it is gone.

    • 4). Clean the leather with a leather cleaner once all of the ink is gone. Let it dry completely, then apply a leather conditioner, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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