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Love Letters

It is often said that Language is the poetry of the soul. When you wish to speak of your love for that one special person, what other better way to do so than by speaking out your heart on perfumed paper, and sealed with a kiss? Yes, we are referring to the humble love letter.

Love letters have their firm place in history, the cause of alliances and the reason for wars. Yet, very few delights can compare to the sweet sorrow that one feels, while writing a love letter. The mode of sending a letter across was also quite different earlier. One would use pigeons for the purpose, or simply send it through a trusted friend. Today too, a love letter is rated as one of the topmost ways of saying I Love You. There is something humble, direct and romantic about reading words on paper. More importantly, you can keep on reading the letter as and when you wish, and even sleep with it under your pillow if you desire. Today, thanks to the commercialization of love itself, one can get so many choices even in letter pads. Gone are the days of plain white paper, now it comes in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors.

Of course not all of us can speak out matters of the heart with such eloquence like an orator. Which is why for the rest of us we can now refer to websites which will help us say what we want the right way? There are sites with ready love letters already put up. All you need to do is copy them word for word, and then post the letter to your love. One cannot deny however that in the face of technology, a handwritten love letter still holds its own place.

Love letters as the name suggests always brings smile on your face. Earlier when there was not internet and other modes of communication then letter is used as the primary way to communicate with the people who used to be distant apart. Mailing a love letter expresses more feelings and emotions than an electronic love letter. Originally you can put all the stuff you wanted to be sent with the love letter. Colors like red, purple, pink, yellow are used most while writing a love letter.

Would you like to send love letters electronically? There are many other websites as well who are providing lovely and romantic love letters, so better to search on internet and then find the best for you depending upon the situation in which you are. If your lover of friend is apart from you and at very long distance then letters are the best media for conversions. These days no doubt emails are there to communicate but sending letters through mail has its own dignity and value. Put some colors of happiness, cent of love, attachment of feelings and emotions and see you will get a perfect letter carrying your message to your beloved or near or dear ones.

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