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Why Choose Holiday Rentals in Portugal?

There are infinite options for holiday rentals in Portugal if you are looking to avoid the big resorts and tourist developments.
Anyone in search of something a little bit different will not be disappointed in Portugal, as it's easy to get off the beaten track if you do your research beforehand.
One of the great advantages to choosing holiday rentals in Portugal, over a package deal or a stay in a hotel, is that it gives you the extra flexibility with where you go.
Price-wise, there's not much in it, depending of course on the type of property you are after.
There are incredible bargains to be had if you rent somewhere with friends or family - once you've split the price of a week's rental between you all, you will soon realise that this is the less expensive option! Many people choose holiday rentals in Portugal because it's a premier golfing destination, but if you are after other activities as well, such as walking, watersports, cultural excursions or just hanging out on the beach, then you can find it all here.
Holiday rentals in Portugal are most popular in the Algarve, which is home to beaches and sunshine.
However, this part of Portugal is also significantly more developed and commercial than Central and Northern Portugal, so if you're want holiday rentals in Portugal which are going to afford you some peace and quiet, then head to these less touristy regions.
Northern Portugal, which is referred to as the Minho, runs along the beautiful Costa Verde and up to Ponte de Lima.
There are not as many rental properties to choose from here, but that's what makes this part of the country so special - a chance to fully immerse yourself in the landscape and culture.
Where you stay for your holiday rentals in Portugal depends on what you are looking for, and on your budget.
If you are trying to keep costs down, then you'd be wise to keep away from the big resorts, and head for the countryside.
You don't have to be far inland to benefit from the lower prices, and if you have a hire car it can still be easy to get to the beaches.
The countryside is covered in vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, and you can find yourself in a characterful little village house, or a rambling farmhouse, some of which will even have swimming pools.
When should you go? All of the holiday rentals in Portugal tend to be much more expensive in the peak summer season (July and August).
The weather in Portugal is usually lovely from March / April through to September / October, so if you are not limited to the school summer holidays, then find your holiday rentals in Portugal out of season - it's at these times of year that you will really get lots for your money.
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