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Reasons to Become a Whistleblower

    Consumer Protection

    • Whistleblowers often inform authorities of infractions that can be detrimental to the consumer. Many consumers often take the marketing or advertising message from major corporations as truth. Insiders who blow the whistle on the operations of the company often lead the public into the world of the company's dealing on a national and international level.

    Medical Practices

    • The medical field is often home to false medical claims and scams perpetrated by doctors, patients and insurance companies. Unsafe medical equipment that makes its way into the surgical rooms of hospitals worldwide causes deaths to patients each year. The poor manufacturing or even counterfeit items can result in deaths. Doctors who often prescribe medication unnecessarily or abuse the Medicaid or Medicare system cause millions of dollars in losses to the government.

    Military Operations

    • US Military operations are often the victim of counterfeit parts that are used during times of peace and at war. Soldiers who risk their lives using less than reputable weapons, parts or gear can suffer losses that can be prevented. The government must have fail-safes in place to monitor the production and distribution of military equipment so it meets the highest standards required by the fighting forces.

    Elderly and Disabled

    • Abuse of the elderly and physically challenged in health care facilities, nursing homes and hospices unfortunately happens all too often. Operators of these facilities undermine the Medicare and Medicaid programs while costing citizens millions in lost taxes and revenues. Sub-standard health care practices lead to higher insurance premiums.

    Environmental Issues

    • Going green to save the planet has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many industrial companies illegally dump toxins and waste in waterways and the ocean. Whistleblowers often report these firms to the Environmental Protection Agency for investigation. Keeping these companies in check helps protect the human race from harmful chemicals and dangerous toxins.

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