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Yachts are They Just the Reserve of the Rich and Famous

There are plenty of folks out there who dream of owning their own luxury yacht and for most of them that's all it will ever be, just a yachting dream that will most probably never come true. There are however other alternatives to outright ownership of a luxury yacht that many people are blissfully unaware of which is a great shame because the dream may be a real possibility afterall. The main obstacle for many would be owners is of course the huge cost of even the smallest of vessels which often runs into thousands of dollars. If this could be overcome then of course many more budding sailors would jump at the chance of yacht ownership of that there is little doubt even in the present financial climate. Then again, you may be one of the lucky or fortunate few out there who already own a beautiful yacht all of your own in which case there is no need for you to read this article any further. The most obvious solution to the cost element of owning your own yacht is to charter a craft with a group of like minded friends or business colleagues. This is a great way to spread the cost and share the crewing duties whilst under sail too. You could even charter a craft complete with skipper and crew to do all the work whilst you and your friends just relax whilst enjoying the cruise. That way you won't even have to worry about who's turn it is to prepare dinner or do the dishes afterwards never mind concerning yourselves with the actual technicalities of sailing the ship itself. If you are looking for a carefree yachting experience this is probably going to be the number one option for you especially if you want to sail without any seafaring knowledge at all. It;s also a great way to gain some experience of what the whole yachting business is all about and why folks make so much of a fuss about it all. Then of course there are the more seasoned and experienced yachtsmen who have the knowhow but not the huge amount of money needed to own a yacht or schooner all of their own. A great idea for these guys is something called a "boat share" and these schemes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world especially on the sun coast and leisure ports which have sprung up. In essence, you can buy into a a share of a yacht or schooner for the estimated life of the craft and you would be entitled to a set number of pre bookable sailing days throughout the year every year for the life of the craft. The fee usually includes all the mooring fees and any maintenance costs that are likely to be incurred during the share period. This is a great way to experience the thrill of sailing on the open seas at a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining your own luxury yacht. It is sure to make perfect financial sense even more so when you consider the amount of time most owners would practically be able to spend on board every year. If however you are convinced that a life on the open sea cruising around the world is all that will satisfy your wander lust there is of course the ultimate option and you may be surprised by how many people actually embark upon it. These guys (often married couples) sell everything they own on land and buy their own sea going yacht which then becomes their home too. Then they sail off to where ever the fancy takes them, drop anchor and go ashore for a little exploring until the itchy feet kick back in at which point they are off again. This option is probably only suited to folks who have a long history of sailing especially on open water for long periods of time maybe even as skipper or crew themselves. Then again, there are many cases where those determined to live the yachting dream have gained the experience first with the sole intention of sailing the seven seas even though they have never set foot off land. The bottom line of course is that just like everything else in this life yacht ownership is always a possibility if you are determined to live your dreams. Nothing ever comes easily unless of course you are real lucky and owning your own luxury yacht is certainly no exception to the universal rule. So maybe the first question for any would be sailor should be "how bad do you want it". Once they have the right answer to that one it is likely most people will find the ways or means to fulfill whatever they desire in life including their own yacht or even a sea going schooner. So perhaps everything really does start with an idea or a dream no matter how impossible it may seem at first if you want it badly enough and you are prepared to make a few sacrifices in other areas of life to obtain it. Who knows? maybe some of you reading this article right now are just about to embark on that journey towards owning your very own luxury yacht.

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