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How to Heal Osteopenia

    • 1). Consume food and drink high in calcium. Calcium is the most essential mineral for maintaining bone density. It can be found in dairy products and green vegetables. Calcium-fortified products are another option, but it is most beneficial to consume products in which calcium occurs naturally.

    • 2). Take a calcium supplement, if your diet is not naturally rich in calcium. This should be coupled with extra vitamin D, which helps your bone to absorb the calcium. Your body makes vitamin D in response to sunlight, so try to soak in the sun for at least 10 minutes a few times a week. Vitamin D is also found in eggs and different types of fish such as salmon and swordfish.

    • 3). Exercise. Participate in a weight-bearing activity every day. It does not have to be a boring trip to the gym, either. Dance, go on a hike, or take a walk around the block. This strengthens bones, which form in response to pressure and stress.

    • 4). Quit smoking and limit intake of caffeine, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages. Replace non-beneficial beverages with milk to further increase your calcium intake.

    • 5). Ask your doctor about medicine possibilities. There are pills, such as Boniva, that claim to stop and even reverse bone loss. Talk to your doctor about these possibilities if you are particularly worried.

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