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How to Fix Wobbling Shopping Cart Wheels

    • 1). Empty the shopping cart and turn it upside down so the wheels are in the air.

    • 2). Spray penetrating oil on the wheels of the shopping cart. This helps lubricate all of the parts of the wheels, which will run more smoothly and are easier to work with.

    • 3). Examine the cart's wheels. Check for damage and excessive dirt, rust or tearing. Replace any damaged wheels. Unscrew the bolt that connects the wheel to the cart and remove the damaged wheel. Set a new wheel on the cart and screw the bolt in place.

    • 4). Tighten the bolts on the wheels using a screwdriver.

    • 5). Turn the cart over and test its wheels. If any of the wheels are still wobbly, turn the cart upside down and tighten or replace the wobbly wheel.

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