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The Blair Snitch Project - OLTL Recap for Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nora and Bo discuss their strategy with their lawyer, Elijah. Bo and Nora confirm to Mr. Clarke that Matthew indeed has something on them that may influence the verdict but, doesn’t tell him. Elijah reassures them that he has something on Tea as well. Matthew and Destiny meet Shawn, Gregory and Rachel at Rodi’s. Matthew asks Dr. Evans if he has his back if he’s called as a witness. At first Gregory is hesitant but, after Rachel tells Matthew that she doesn’t want to stand in her brother’s corner, Greg decides to side with Matthew.

Todd tries to explain to Tea that he’s over Blair. He also tells her that he went to his sister for advice about their relationship. Tea warns Todd to stay away from Blair. Todd decides he wants to seek custody of his children again and ask Tea about Elijah Clarke. Tea forbids him to hire him and tells him she’ll find him a lawyer.

Blair goes to Rex to hire him to find out Tea’s secret. Rex ridicules Blair and thinks she’s just using this to get back with Todd. Blair explains that she’s serious and Rex decides to take her case. Todd makes his way home to La Boule and thinks twice about hiring Mr. Clarke. Todd and Blair meet in the foyer and Todd tells her to get away from him. Blair goes ahead with her plan to destroy Tea. Tea has a secret briefcase that’s she’s hiding in a dresser.

David is eagerly curious about what’s going on at La Boule. Dorian tells him how Ray left her to care for his daughter, also that Todd is living with them and that Starr’s baby has returned home. David finds everything very interesting and tricks Dorian into being filmed.

David has planned to video tape a reality show based on the Kramer household. He wants Dorian to be his co-host and Dorian goes crazy. She throws David and his camera crew out. Markko is struggling to make ends meet and takes out his frustration on Langston. He tells her he’s tired of taking handouts from Viki. Langston offers to leave him so that his family would allow him to move back in. The couple both decide that wasn’t the answer and Langston offers to loan him money as a way of her giving back when she was orphaned. Langston is excited to see David and thinks of an idea.

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