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The Camping Water Filter Or Water Purifier is a Must Have Tool When Camping Or Hiking

Camping is one of Americas great pass times.
Millions of people go camping every year.
Wither it is car camping at a local camp ground or going back country camping there is just something about it that attracts many to it time and time again.
Regardless of what type of camping is your style there is one essential that you can not go without.
Most state run campground will have a good source of water that is regulated by some sort of water purifier.
However not all of them can be trusted and it is recommended that in most cases you pack a camping water filter with you to make sure the water your drinking during the trip is clean and not going to make you sick.
Camping water filters are a must have tool when going on any hiking or back country style camping trip.
You can only pack so much water in on the trip and once you've run out you have to be able to find a water supply and purify some water.
A water purifier in many cases is a life line.
Dehydration is one of the leading causes of injury to people who hike or do any sort of mountaineering.
The investment for a camping water filter can go from $25 dollars to $300.
00 dollars depending on the system you go with.
Its a matter of how often you are camping or hiking and what style of camping your doing that will dictate the investment you make.
You really have to figure out what is going to work best for you and buck up and invest.
The basic systems are bottle based filters, pumps, gravity filters, and infrared sterilization tools.
The bottle based filters are the most commonly used systems and are very light and compact and ease to use.
Many people end up owning more then one camping water filter system and usually use keep them handy encase an other decides to break.
As with everything there are many companies who specialize in these systems.
You want to shop around online or at your local camping headquarters to ask questions about the systems and decide which is going to be best for you.
If you plan on camping a lot and you plan on doing some good hikes in areas that may not have a water system that is clean you have to protect yourself by keeping a water purifier like a camping water filter with you at all times.

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